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24r21 Information

The tire 24r21 is an all-terrain, all-position radial tire for special use.
The 24r21 Michelin XZL tire has a self-cleaning profile. Also, the profile is well suited for use in sand, and snow on the road.
A steel belt under the profile protects the carcass of the tire against punctures. The tire can handle high speeds and still has a very high load capacity. The tire is also suitable for retread.
ATB has regularly used retreaded and new tires in this tire size. Bridgestone also has this tire. The 24r21 Bridgestone VGT E-2 is very similar. Only this is less suitable on sand and snow. In retreaded version ATB has the OBO K-023.
The corresponding rims are available with ATB. The size is 18.00-21. Alternatively, there is also the size 24R20.5 Michelin XS 24R20.5 Aeolus AE77, 24r21 Michelin XS and 1600r20 Michelin XZL. As a replacement you can also use the 600 / 65r23 Loadmaster and ATP 600 / 65r23 Roadmaster, ATB’s own tires. ATB also has some cheaper solutions. Also 600 / 65r23 + FR and 600 / 65r23 cover 404 is in our program.

For more information on our complete range please refer to (Also known as The Tireshop), a platform created by ATB Tires Belgium. ATB is an international Tire Trader and we make our own products such as trexcavator, loadmaster, roadmaster, tracmaster etc ..
ATB has connections for various applications such as agriculture, industry, earthmoving, airplane etc ..
Our own excavator tire you can see on the website
Besides our own tires, we naturally offer all major brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Double Coin, Aeolus, Techking, Trelleborg, Mitas, Nokian, Alliance, BKT, Altura, Ceat, Leao, Linglong, Yokohama, Barkley, Ecomega, Triangle Continental, Kama, etc ..
On this site you will find a small selection from our huge range of tractors, trucks, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, trucks, excavators and cranes.


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